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JOTTO DESK introduces the new AK-12 Solution with the "Smooth Glide" computer mount. The new console features 12" of sloped equipment mounting with excellent depth capacity. In addition, the console offers a storage compartment to access fuses, that is built into the passengers side of the console. With the upgrade from the old style HK-12 model, the standard desk top is now the Jotto Desk Cable-Dock® , standard on all regular Jotto Desk models.

The new design to this combination console / laptop mount, allows for a an improved user experience and ease of use.

With the acquisition of Kodiak for Docking Stations, Jotto Desk has the total package of solutions to outfit you fleet, no matter the size.


Jotto Consoles come in a variety of configurations to meet all needs and vehicles. Jotto Desk laptop mounts are available for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans and SUV's. The Kodiak docking station has models available for most popular makes and models of laptops including Panasonic Tough Book, Dell, IBM, HP and others.


You can check out the variety of Jotto Consoles available at Public Safety Source a Jotto Desk Master Distributor or call Toll Free 1-866-587-4715

About the author:  Ted Stephens has been involved in the mobile computing industry for over 9 years and has an extensive background in mobile applications. In addition he is the owner of Diversified Products. A special Public Safety Division specializes in Kodiak Docking Stations and Jotto Desk Consoles for radio equipment. They can be reached at



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