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A docking station is a platform into which you can install a portable computer. The docking station typically contains slots for expansion cards, bays for storage devices, and connectors for peripheral devices, such as printers and monitors. Once inserted in a docking station, the portable computer essentially becomes a desktop model computer. When it is taken out, it becomes a portable computer again.

Mobile docking stations operate in vehicles. Many industries have adopted mobile computing and hence wish to have their vehicles fully equipped as mobile field-offices. Some of the industries currently using mobile docking stations include (for example): law-enforcement, electricity, telcos, military, EMS, fire, construction, insurance, real-estate, agriculture, oil, gas, transportation, warehousing, food-distribution, surveying, and landscape companies. Some mobile docking stations withstand the rigors of travel and have MIL-STD 810E construction-specifications for vibration and impact. This is a military standard to provide a reliable usage in all conditions.

Mobile docking stations usually come mated to an armature, laptop desk or standard rack in order to provide the ability to position the computer in the vehicle in a safe and ergonomic position. As with all docking stations, a mobile docking station will provide the user a means to quickly and easily dock and/or undock the computer. In addition, some mobile docking-stations provide a security-lock to protect the computer from theft.


Kodiak is a step beyond their competition with first-to-the-field features and options. They have an ongoing design process that continually improves their products and the technology they use. Their latest docking stations feature "intelligent" power management systems. These docking stations are totally automated with power and charging as well as many laptop protections.


The Kodiak Docking stations, built to military standards and field proven in all conditions, provides a mobile platform for all popular makes and models of laptops including a docking station for Panasonic Tough Books, Dell Computers, IBM, HP and others.


The docking station can be removed from the laptop desk in minutes, or can stay in place. A versatile mobile office accessory suited to act as a laptop desktop, portable power supply, port replicator, lockable desktop. A total mobile data communication solution.



About the author:  Ted Stephens has been involved in the mobile computing industry for over 9 years and has an extensive background in mobile applications. In addition he is the owner of Diversified Products. A special Public Safety Division specializes in Kodiak Docking Stations and Jotto Desk Consoles for radio equipment. They can be reached at or Toll Free 1-866-587-4715



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